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Children write essays for chance at custom playhouse

You have a chance to make a child's dream come true, and all it takes is your vote! Children at the Boys and Girls Club wrote essays in a contest to win a custom built outdoor playhouse. Three finalists out of 19 entries were selected: Jamario Farr, 9, Donava Boddie, 9, and Eden Glenn, 9.

My Special Place
By Eden Glenn, 9

My reasons why I want the house is that I live alone with my mom and she doesn't play with me much. But I only have two friend in my neighborhood and we really don't have much to do so it is not fun. So I want to surprise them with something special that we can have fun with. We all wanted something like that. We even daydreamed about it while eating popsicles. My friend can't wait till I win.

My Special Place
By Donaven Boddie, 9

Hi I'm Donaven Boddie. I think me and my brothers should get the little house because well we don't have much really. We have no cable so we can't watch TV. We have a playstation two but we get bored with it. We like to go outside and play in our friend's tree house , but he always brags and that makes us feel bad. My baby brother Chase likes to play outside and we don't have much to do. So I hope this will us have the little house. Thank you!

My Special House
By Jamario Farr, 9

I would like the Little House because it looks interesting. If I had a chance I would give it to the people that re poor. I will cherish the little house. I would try to be an artisan and make one by hand if I don't win. I would congratulate the person that won. Hopefully I achieve my goal. I hope you enjoyed my story.