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Child cruelty investigated at Hull Road home

IN BRIEF: Investigators from the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office are on the scene at a home on Hull Road and Hidden Valley Drive in south Rockdale reportedly for cruelty to children charges. Investigators were at the Hull Road home since Wednesday. Three adults were arrested Wednesday - one white male and two white females.

The father of the children, Lev Dzyuba, 37, was charged with cruelty to children - depriviation of necessary sustenance, first degree.

His sisters Alina Anna Dzyuba, 20, and Natalia Mellon, 26, of Lilburn were charged with cruelty to children - causes excessive physical or mental pain, first degree.

Neighbors said the mother of the family living at the home had died last year. There were reportedly three children  living at the home - 8, 10, and 15 years old, all biological siblings.  They had been in the United States since 2010.

Officials on the scene said they were not ready to comment.

A statement released by RCSO spokesperson Myra Pearrell said the three adults were arrested "after a deputy responded to the scene with DFACS personnel to check on the welfare of the children in the home" and "discovered the conditions within the home". She also said the children were placed in protective custody. 

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