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Channel 23
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Dear Editor: I am disappointed, of course, that the county has chosen not to air any debates or forums for the upcoming election on Channel 23. I would love the chance to share my vision in the forum and welcome the opportunity to show the differences between me and the (current) chairman in a way that the whole community can see it if they wish.

It has always been the practice in the past to use the channel to benefit the community and show these forums. I know we did it when I was on the Board of Commissioners, because we felt it was the right thing to do and a service to the community. I was always proud of the work that I did as a commissioner and stood behind the decisions I made. I was never hesitant to discuss those decisions with or in front of anyone. Of course, If I had made some of the decisions the current chairman has made, I would not want to have to defend them in a debate with me either.

To insinuate that they want to keep things fair and consistent flies in the face of exactly what they are doing by not airing a forum put on by the chamber.

The bigger issue is why they chose not to show them. At best, it is politically motivated as the chairman doesn't want to have that debate. At worst, it is plain and simply trying to keep another point of view, different from his own, off the local community channel.

I am also disturbed at the decision being put forward as a board policy originally, when no written policy exists. And that the reason for not showing them was because of a legal review that does not exist in written form. At least neither existed when I asked for them. I also asked another commissioner about the policy and they knew nothing about it. If it was board policy, shouldn't the whole board know? The story continues to change as this decision has become more public.

If the chairman made this decision to not show political forums on Channel 23, he should own up to that and communicate it to the public.

Jason Hill
Candidate for County Commission Chairman