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Celebrating Mothers: Where to find the News

For this Mother's Day, we celebrate the service, sacrifice and love of mothers of all stripes and callings. The mothers who transport young athletes to endless games, practices and competitions. The mothers who are called to step into the role for a child in need. Mothers who support children in big decisions, even though it may take every ounce of willpower to let them go into the scary, wide world. Mothers who are their household's CFOs, COOs, doctors, nurses, IT professionals, landscapers, counselors, cooks and more.

The families we talk to include:

Jennifer and Joseph Grady, who adopted precocious 9-year-old Jason

Natalie and Jeffrey Hannans, who are raising their grandson Shaun

Nikita Jacobs and her family, a Blue Star mom who has thrown  herself into the role of mother of Marine Corps twins

Tara Lange, wife of deployed sailor Jason Lange and mother of a 2-month-old boy and 3-year-old girl

Soccer moms, baseball moms, basketball moms who make their children's athletic activities possible

Michelle Lynch, who highlights her great relationship with her wonderful mother-in-law


This special Mother's Day edition is on stands now.

Here's a list of where you can find The News:

McDonalds: 1320 Klondike Rd SW, Conyers, GA 30094
Bojangles: 1970 Highway 138 NE Conyers, GA 30013
Covington News and Rockdale News: 1166 Usher St NW, Covington, GA
Walgreens: 12955 Brown Bridge Road Covington, GA 30016
BP Food Mart: 3501 Salem Rd. ( across from Kirkland Rd.)
Ingles on Salem Rd.
Park and Ride at former Church in the Now (now Springfield Baptist), Dogwood Dr.
Cheveron Food Mart, Eastview Rd.
Rockdale Hospital, Emergency Room, Milstead Ave.
Rockdale Medical Hospital new main entrance
Walgreens: 1510 Milstead Ave.
Publix: 1591 Ga Hwy 20
Scottish Tobacco: Sigman Rd in Fred's Shopping Center
Cheveron Food Mart: 993 Sigman Rd.
Park N Ride at Chambers Drive, off Sigman Rd.
Evans Pharmacy on Main St Conyers
Shell on West Ave & Green St
Flash Foods Corner off Hwy 138 Ebenezer Rd.
Quik Chik on Klondike Rd.
USA Package on West Ave.
Subway on West Ave.
American Deli on West Ave, next to grocery store
Texaco Plaza, Klondike Rd. SW
Chick-fil-a on 138
Kroger on Hwy 138 and also on flat Shoals
Roly Poly on Hwy 138 and Flat Shoals
Oaks Diner on Flat Shoals Rd.
Cindy Nails
Walgreens #10479 on Hwy 138
Crossroads Cheveron on Hwy 138 & Hwy 212
Publix on Hwy 212
Ingles on Hwy 20 & Honey Creek Rd.
4669 Hwy 20, corner of Bell Rd.

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