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Business Spotlight: AAMCO, Servicing cars nationwide

 The catchy slogan has been broadcast around the nation, and more than likely resonates with Rockdale drivers: "Double-A, [honk honk], M-C-O."

 Chances are you have heard this before if you watch television or listen to the radio. The American automotive care franchise is famous for using this catchy phrase in their commercials.

 If you need to have your car serviced, think of this jingle and look no further than the newly-updated AAMCO service center on Ga. Highway 138 in Conyers.

 Bob Abercrombie took ownership of the Conyers’ franchise in March, and has since entered into a large renovation.

 "We’ve updated the computer systems," Abercrombie said. "[We have] new equipment and new technicians."

 The 8,000-square-foot workshop includes eight automobile lifts and 10 servicing bays. AAMCO, known for specializing in transmission service, repair and rebuilding, is also a total car care center with expert technicians able to provide customers with all aspects of automotive service.

 According to Abercrombie, the thing that sets Conyers’ AAMCO apart from other automotive businesses is their warranty.

 "The warranty is nationwide," Abercrombie said. "Anything we do to cars is covered: parts, labor, towing."

 AAMCO centers are located all across North America, including Canada and Puerto Rico, with each franchise being locally owned and operated. It is the world’s largest franchise system of transmission specialists.

 Abercrombie, a long-time employee of the AAMCO company has been in the transmission business since 1982.

 Abercrombie first started with the Philadelphia-based company as an operations manager. He worked for five years as an operations manager in both Georgia and Texas to oversee multiple AAMCO franchises. Then, in 1987, Abercrombie bought his first AAMCO franchise in Pensacola, Fla., before making the move back to Georgia.

 The shop is located on 1662 Ga. Highway 138, and is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday, as well as Saturday by appointment only. The telephone number is (678) 374-7638.