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Burglar cuts through walls, disables security system
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The Citgo on Highway 138 was recently burglarized in a highly elaborate theft.
On the morning of Dec. 13, it was discovered someone had forced open the store's safe. The Conyers Police Department was called and an officer was dispatched to the scene.

Upon further investigation, the officer discovered an unknown number of perpetrators had gained access to the story via a next door business.

The suspects reportedly gained entry into a connected dry-cleaning business before knocking a hole in the drywall separating the two establishments. Once inside the Citgo's bathroom, another hole was then cut in the wall leading into a supply closet. The assailants then reportedly climbed on boxes and a refrigerator to go over the wall that separated the closet and the store's office.

From the Citgo office the suspects had access into the entire store. The store's alarm was disabled by cutting the power in the office and the computer that controls the video surveillance was disconnected.

The suspects made away with more than $7,000 from the store's safe and registers. Nothing else in the store appeared to have been taken.

Anyone with information on the burglary can contact CPD detectives at (770) 483-6600 or by calling the anonymous tip line at (770) 483-TIPS.