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Burglar caught in home near first burglary
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Dontavius Hardeman, 20, of Conyers, was arrested for burglary on Feb. 12 according to a report from the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies received a call early that morning about a burglary taking place in Conyers.

When they arrived at the scene, another deputy was at a nearby location on the same street, where a black Grand Prix that had been spotted at the first crime scene was in the driveway of another house.

Deputies arrived at the new location and noticed a flat screen television was in the back seat of the Grand Prix. The occupants of the new location reportedly said they were unaware of anything being stolen. After leaving a deputy at the second location, deputies returned to the home that was originally mentioned as being robbed. No one was at the home and the back door was unlocked.

Two witnesses explained they saw a black Grand Prix back up to the side of the driveway and two black males carry electronics and something else out in a sheet or bag. The witnesses said they could identify the suspects.

Back to the house where the Grand Prix was located, the six to eight suspects inside were ordered to come outside.

While the suspects were handcuffed, the witnesses were driven by a lineup. Hardeman was identified as the driver of the getaway vehicle, the Grand Prix, and booked into the Rockdale County jail.

The black Grand Prix also contained electronics suspected as being stolen from the burglarized home.