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B.O.C. does not approve funding for nonprofit
Ceek to Fulfill does not get approved for county funding
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The hot-button issue for the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners of this young year has thus far been the funding of nonprofits.

That was none more evident in Tuesday's B.O.C. meeting.

There were several heated discussions on the issue stemming from a decision to give funds to Ceek to Fulfill.

After first asking for $48,977 back in December, the organization, which helps youth in foster care situations, was not approved of funding during Tuesday's meeting. Commission Chairman Richard Oden moved to support $5,000 funding, but the motion was not approved.

"This one certainly is a hot-button issue," Commissioner JaNice Van Ness said. "I don't dispel that they may do a wonderful job. I look forward working with them in the future but in a different capacity."

Commissioner Chairman Oden said after the decision, "I disagree with the decision whole-heartedly. Today is a sad day, but today is a happy day. This board has ruled and we'll go forward."