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Bella Page
Scot Ward Funeral Services
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Bella Mackenzie Page

July 3rd 2004 - December 20th 2011

To my niece and her remarkable parents,

Sometimes in the course of a lifetime a few people are given the rare opportunity to experience the extraordinary, the indescribable. In these moments, these fleeting glimpses of true grace and beauty, one comes to know life in a way that leaves a permanent impression, a mark on one’s heart that the whole world can see. Having Bella Mackenzie Page in this world was of these rare and extraordinary experiences. Those of us who were lucky enough to have had her touch our lives are left with hearts so much fuller and so much richer, and left with a mark that will shine brighter than any star, just as Bella did. Thank you, Bella. Thank you Tom and Laurie for demonstrating how true love works. The strength and compassion of your hearts is unmatched.

Love Aunt Brenda