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Adoma: Shop the Rock for seniors
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Can you imagine grandma and grandpa homeless or living in undignified conditions? What does quality equitable housing and “shop local” have in common?  More than 22 percent of Rockdale County’s population are over age 55 and some are veterans.  Many of them are making calculate decisions to locate to other counties and cities that provide services such as housing, access to transportation, health amenities and other services. Shop the Rock is reinforcing buyer priorities and competitive local services, especially to fragile target markets such as our valued senior citizens and veterans.  

What does this mean? Providing affordable upscale housing for our seniors and veterans is a service that we cannot ignore.  Those who have nurtured us and those who have fought and some made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us. Join forces with Shop Local members and other advocates and help us support nice affordable senior housing. Supporting our seniors with badly needed services is an important local initiative and keeping adult caretakers, children and grandchildren close to home are priceless and contributes to quality of life for all. Let’s think about what would happen to us if we choose to ignore providing local affordable upscale housing to our seniors and veterans? A dignified lifestyle for them is as important as a new baby being born. We must support both local populations. Close your eyes and think about what would happen if all of Conyers residents had dignified affordable housing and various properties around the county was occupied with hard-working residents and baby boomers who are still giving back much to our local community.  Every dollar spent on local projects yields a healthy return of about 68 cents to the dollar and tax incentives. Support our local seniors and veterans and support shopping locally and let’s keep our parents at home — yes right here in Rockdale.   

What can you do as an individual to improve the economic health and wellbeing in Conyers? Consumers can get out and spend money in Rockdale and business owners can offer incentives and discounts, and anyone can choose a sponsor level that fits your budgets. Let’s get out on March 20 and shop until we drop. For more information or to join our team, please contact Diane Adoma, committee chair at or go to our Facebook page at shoptherock, Twitter @shopinrockdale, website at for additional information on how to get involved. 



Diane Adoma is the owner of an H&R Block location in Conyers and Chairperson of the Shop the Rock committee for the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce.