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Adams plays Denzel's father in 'Flight'
TK Adams family2

 T.K. Adams is set to hit the big screen in the new movie "Flight."

Adams is best known for his philanthropic duties in the city of Covington, spending the last two decades being a part of the founding of the Newton County Community Band and a part of several volunteer programs and organizations in the area. This time around, he decided to get in touch with his inner movie star with his role in the new action packed movie "Flight," alongside Denzel Washington.

They were in need of a man in his 70s to play Washington's father, and the grandfather of Washington's son in the Paramount motion picture. Adams received the unexpected call from Travis Breedlove, local actor, producer and film director at home one day while having lunch with his wife Louise, asking if he would be willing to try out for the part. Breedlove first heard about Adams through Sean Bennett, a friend of his and also one of Adams' former students. They both felt Adams was the perfect person for the role.

Not just because he looked the part, but because he has been an exceptional being in the lives of so many. He was awarded the role, and spent two days filming in Hampton. At first he didn't have a speaking part, but his contract was soon upgraded after his first day on set.

"I said to myself ‘why me,' and then I said to myself, ‘why not me,' and decided to take the role. I'm glad I was able to do it."

Breedlove also has a role in the movie. He reflected upon times he had with his own son as an adolescent. His scene involves him playing football and interacting with the young actor who plays Washington's son in the movie.

"I would say the character fit me because that's how I played with my son at that age. It worked out perfectly. We connected quickly," Adams said.

He compared the acting world to that of his first love, music, but quickly made it clear that acting and music are two totally different dimensions. He said the hardest part of filming was waiting his turn, spending hours in the dressing room before actually going on set. His son in real life Timothy K. Adams, music professor at the University of Georgia, accompanied his father on his days on set which made Adams feel extremely fortunate for the support he has received from his family, and hopes for the same amount from Covington residents.

"I told my band and church members to just wait and see. Either way it comes out, I am satisfied."

Although he did not have a scene with Washington, he was able to share a few laughs with the academy award winning actor.

"My wife told me I couldn't come home until she got to shake hands with him," he laughed.

The screening of the movie took place in Atlanta this week, where Adams was able to see himself for the first time on the big screen. He says that he is sure it will bring courage and pride to individuals all over the globe.

He might have found his new niche in the Hollywood, but says he doesn't plan to do any other roles in the future, but will continue to focus on bettering the community alongside his wife Louise. He is still heavily involved with the community band, and will be doing a community concert at Eastside High School on Dec. 1. "Flight" hits theaters next month.