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A step away from noodling

I always hated fishing when I was a kid, mostly because I had to be quiet and patient. This is probably why I don’t go fishing now too, truth be told. But I have fun memories of wandering around the swamps in Florida and catching frog spawn and crawdads, then trying to keep them alive in fish tanks and, on occasion, a bathtub. That’s kind of like white trash fishing I suppose. It’s the first step toward noodling, which I secretly would LOVE to do, if you know anyone. But I remember my sister and Daddy used to love to go fishing when we’d go to the mountains growing up. My mother and I watched from the safety of an air conditioned “antique” shop, which is just mountain slang for junk store. But I know a lot of kids love fishing, and this is old school fishing too – I’m talking river cane poles with cork bobbers that are supplied by the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. It’s one of those stepping back in time moments that I enjoy so much. But since it’s still hot outside, I’m going to skip it this year. Send me some pictures and I’ll live vicariously through you guys!