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A scenic garden
Willie Moon of Rockdale County says he gardens simply because he was raised in the country. He lived during a time where vegetables came from the family garden, not the grocery store. In his youth, his family also had scenic gardens, flowers and what not. As this was a way of life when he was growing up, gardening of this variety has since become a pastime and a pleasure. "I like landscaping and I like beautiful things in my yard." Moon also likes his yard to stand out.

Moon loves to be asked about the plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs in his yard. He likes his yard to be unique, which is why he purchases greenery that others may not have. He uses the weeping mulberry trees as an example,
"We like to have shrubs that other people don't have, like the weeping mulberries. As a matter of fact, we had two ladies drive up the other day wanting to know where we got the weeping mulberries."

The distinctive plants in his yard leads to making new friends and sharing new ideas or facts.

Like most gardeners, Moon agrees that gardening is therapeutic. "If something is bugging you, you can get out in the yard and start working, or even if you have a pain in your arm, it will kindly go away." He believes that nature cures the emotional, mental and physical pangs.

Moon shares with me the idea of "curb appeal." He said that the more attractive a yard is, the more appealing a house becomes when one is trying to sell. He said that you can also tell the age of the home, depending on the shrubbery. Though he is not trying to sell his home, these are excellent suggestions for those who may be.