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A place for womens health
Woman's Center in Conyers
Where: 2750 Owens Drive, Suite A, Conyers
Phone: 678-413-4644
Where: 40 Eagle Spring Court, Suite B, Stockbridge
Phone: 770-302-0878

The Women's Center in Conyers and Stockbridge not only specializes in gynecological services, but now can also offer more surgical procedures in-house.

Dr. Holly Imlach recently joined the Women's Center, bringing a range of skills to the dedicated staff.

Imlach earned her undergraduate degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, her medical degree from the University of Washington, and completed her residence in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Indiana University. In 2006, she completed a fellowship in Advanced Pelvic Surgery and Laparoscopy in Atlanta.

Imlach, a third-generation Alaskan, said she had originally planned to return to Alaska after her fellowship but got engaged to a guy who was an Atlanta native.

"When I started looking for jobs here, the position here at the Women's Center with Dr. Gordon was such a good fit," she said. She said she originally switched her surgical focus from orthopedics after doing an OB-GYN rotation with a family friend. "It felt like a really good fit in terms of getting to use all of your skill sets," she said. "It's nice to take care of women and I love being a surgeon, so it's nice to do both."

The practice was started in 2003 by Dr. Stephanie Gordon and now has grown to two offices with about 15,000 patients and a staff employing two nurse practitioners, Lanie Vu and Marcia Harman, in addition to doctors Gordon and Imlach.

What makes the Women's Center unique is the amount of time and attention given to each individual, said Office Manager Colleen Vedder. "We try to be very thorough and personable with each patient and we try to make them understand in laymen's terms what's going on with them and their body. Not just on the medical part but on the insurance part as well."

The practice offers a wide range of services, from the routine gynecological visits to bigger issues such as urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, in-office hysteroscopy and sterilization, Reclast infusion for elderly patients with bone loss, Gardasil, a vaccine for human papilloma virus, and birth control device surgeries.