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2012 Election Endorsements
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All local candidates were offered a chance to post their endorsements. Here are the responses.


Jason Hill

Travis Collins, former Rockdale County school board member: I support Jason Hill for Commission Chairman because he’s committed to Rockdale — to making whole community a great place to live, raise our families, work and invest for the future. He’s the kind of leader who listens, will build consensus and will lead our community forward in a positive spirit. 

Dr. Aubry Webb, RCHS Class of 1966: I’ve known Jason all his life and his family all my life. He’s got integrity. He cares about the residents of Rockdale County.

Dan Turner: Jason Hill supported and helped to adopt the current Ethics Code of Rockdale County. I am disappointed with the action of Oden and Nesbitt to negate the use of the Ethics Laws of Record during the past term. Both men would have been held in question for infractions well beneath the dignity of their elected office. 


Rudy Horne

Barbara Bunn:  I have known Judge Horn for more than 30 years and during that time, he has earned the admiration of those who have chosen him to administer justice with fairness in his courtroom.  His proven record of honesty and integrity tells us we can depend on him to continue serving us honorably.

Tommy Morgan, former Rockdale County Fire Chief: I have known Chief Magistrate Judge Rudy Horne for more than 25 years. He is well respected among his peers and in this community. I encourage the voters of Rockdale County to re-elect Chief Magistrate Judge Rudy Horne to serve another four years.

Randy Mills, Mayor of Conyers: The most important questions to ask candidates on the local election are what are their qualifications and can they serve our community with integrity and experienced statesmanship. Judge Horne exemplifies who we need for Magistrate Judge. I strongly endorse him as a judge, whose experience and dedication have proven him to be a highly qualified candidate for this office.

Greg Smith, consultant/business owner of Chart Your Course International Inc.: I am strongly supporting Rudy Horne as Magistrate Court Judge. I have known him for more than 20 years and he has proven to be a reputable person with outstanding integrity. He treats all people fairly and ensures the law is upheld in a consistent manner. 

Lorraine Harrison, owner of About Marketing: Rudy Horne has the experience we need to provide fair and competent rulings for those who come before him. As a business owner, we have had to come before the court several times and have found Rudy to be helpful in letting us know what our options were. 

Elaine Lester Benton, The Benton Group, and RCHS Class of 1970: I am a lifelong resident of Rockdale, and I enthusiastically support and ask all Rockdale County High School and JP Carr School graduates to vote for Judge Horne.

Gerald Barger: I am asking the citizens of Rockdale County to support Judge Rudy Horne for re-election. He has some locals accusing him of not running his office fairly, but research has shown that they are wrong in their accusations. We need someone with the experience of Judge Horne, not someone who is exaggerating their qualifications.

Tony Dowdy, Rockdale school board member-elect: I have known Rudy Horne approximately 20 years and have looked up to him as a community leader. I have witnessed his court and admired how fair he seems to all parties. I feel honored (no pun intended) to have known him as a judge and a friend. 


Phinia Aten declined the offer to post endorsements.


Holly Bowie

Norman Wheeler, former Board of Commissioners Chairman: I had the pleasure of having Holly work for me when I served as chairman of the board of commissioners. She was in charge of Legal Affairs and did a great job. 

Andrea Hill: I have known Holly Bowie from church for several years. I know that she has a passion for serving others and works tirelessly. She will be a great Clerk of Courts and I am proud to be supporting her.

Jeff Reagan: I have known Mrs. Bowie for many years. She has a clear vision for the Clerk’s office, has many years of experience in the county legal system and will produce an office that is responsive to the needs of the citizens of Rockdale County.

Tolbert Morris, former school board member: I believe Holly Bowie has the experience and dedication to manage a highly trained and qualified staff... Based on personal experience and fact, Ms. Bowie has been and will be a public servant to the community and not a politician with self-interest as her motivation.



Ruth Wilson

Councilman, Coach Cleveland Stroud: Ruth had a job to do and she set about quietly doing her job. She has done a good job.

Thua Barlay, Real Estate Attorney: I have had the pleasure of knowing Ruth for a few years and I am awed by her level of professionalism, candor and effectiveness. Our interactions have always been cordial and professional. 

State House Rep. Dar’shun N. Kendrick: Ruth has been engaged in the community since I was elected. As an attorney, I am aware of the efficiency of her office and how helpful she is to others. Rockdale County would be well served to re-elect Ruth, a source of experience and passion for all of Rockdale.

State House Rep. Pam Dickerson: It is with great pride I would like to endorse Ruth Wilson for Clerk of Courts... Let’s continue to keep our courts in good hands by re-electing Ruth Wilson as Clerk of Courts.

Earl Wise: As the Community Executive for the Bank of North Georgia in Rockdale, the real estate records at the Superior Court are vital to the well being and stability of the banks, businesses and the citizens of Rockdale County. Ruth Wilson has proven leadership and is persistent, intelligent, personable and a visionary. 



Dan Ray

Glenn Sears, executive director of Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council: I endorse Dan Ray for re-election. Dan has continuously improved the operating efficiency of the tax office. His 20 years in office gives him thorough knowledge of our community as well as a keen understanding of the need to balance our tax digest by expanding existing industry and recruiting new industry. 

Darlene Hotchkiss: I think very highly of Dan Ray as a committed community leader, invested Rockdale citizen and trusted tax commissioner. Dan’s knowledge of and commitment to his position are invaluable. In these economic times, we need someone we can trust to understand what is expected of a tax commissioner.

Robert Maddox, attorney, Maddox, Nix, Bowman & Zoeckler: Dan has always dedicated a 100 percent effort in fulfilling the needs of the public as he also fulfilled his duties by being sensitive to the needs of the taxpayers and citizens while also educating himself about new developments and changes in the tax code and then applying the tax code in an unbiased manner.

Dan Turner: It is an honor to write a note of endorsement for Dan Ray. His office is run like a well-oiled clock in order to meet the needs of the government while maintaining an equitable relationship with each tax payer. The best man for this job is already on the job. 


RJ Hadley declined the offer to post endorsements.


Jeff Wigington

Dr. Aubry Webb, RCHS Class of 1966: I grew up with Jeff Wigington. He was raised by my Aunt Pearl. She was like a mother to him and his brothers and they helped take care of her in old age. He’s a family man and concerned about the citizens of Rockdale County. Before he got elected he was that way and he’s still that way. 


Tom Harrison

Barbara Bunn, former 74th House District Representative (1992-2006): I am endorsing Tom Harrison for Rockdale County Commissioner because he shares my belief that our tax dollars should be reserved for providing only the essentials needed to operate county government. Tom has the background experience and the skills necessary to deal with the problems our county is facing now.

Julie Mills, former Rockdale County Chief of Staff: Tom is an individual who has a deep and sincere desire to better this community. His enthusiasm for public service is truly inspiring. Doing what’s best for the citizenry is Tom’s absolute and only agenda. Tom will bring competency, relevant experience and a conscience to the board of commissioners.

Dr. Wayne D. Kerr DDS: I endorse Tom Harrison for Post 1 commissioner.

Vince Evans, Conyers Councilman and owner of Evans Pharmacy: Rather than spend time pointing out what is wrong and who is to blame, I feel Tom will use his talents and work well with others in seeking solutions to the issues that arise. This is a quality that I think is absolutely necessary in today’s times.

Norman Wheeler, former Board of Commissioners Chairman: Tom will do a good job and has the skill set necessary to provide the county with new leadership that is needed.

Sue Chappell, owner of It is obvious from the candidate forums that Tom is the only Post 1 candidate who has researched and thought deeply about the issues. If the others don’t prepare at this point, what hope do we have that they would be prepared to thoughtfully do their job once they are elected?

Bud Sosebee, former Rockdale Commissioner and Founder of Walk of Heroes Veterans Memorial. 

Brandi Wells, real estate agent and community volunteer: Tom is a man I trust, one who does what is right for the greater good, and one who always has the benefits of the group on his mind. He is a giver, an analyzer and a friend. Rockdale County will greatly benefit from his vision, inspiration, voice and hard work.

Fran Jones, owner of Ray Jones, Inc:. Fran believes he is the best man for the job.

Alain Bouzoubaa, owner of Seven Gables Restaurant: I endorse Tom because I believe he would be a very effective commissioner our county needs. I have lived and operated my business in Rockdale County for 24 years. Tom has integrity and is fair to all concerned. 

Chuck Boelkins, Rockdale homeowner for 33 years. President, Sustainability Advisors, LLP: We need commissioners who value ethical principles more than their egos and whose focus is on our county, not a higher elected office. We need leaders we can trust to always do the right thing after seeking our input. For these, and many other reasons, please join me in helping elect Tom Harrison.

Ken Butler, owner of Café Milano: I have found him to be a man of conviction and integrity. I would be proud to have him represent me as our county commissioner Post 1.

Theresa A. Schroeder, Community Affairs Director at Turner Construction: I am thrilled that Tom is running for Post 1 seat on the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners. I know he will be an effective leader which is what Rockdale needs and he will be representative of all people together. Tom is dedicated to strengthening our economic growth and our sense of community.

Julian Harwell, Owner of JFH Financial Solutions, Inc.: Tom has experience in business that will serve him well as a commissioner. He has been active in the community and therefore knows what is needed. He is an ethical man. I have confidence that he is doing what he believes is best for the good of this community.

Libby Staples Davis, long time Conyers resident and former Publisher of the Rockdale Citizen: Tom is a man of honor and can be trusted to do what’s right for our community.

Rick Ingram, Owner of A Better Plumbing Service: Tom is the man for the job and he is ‘plumb’ good for the county.

Jean Yontz, owner of Glenn’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant and current School Board Member: Tom is ethical, dependable and community minded. Please vote for Tom.

Dr. Andrew Smith, physician for Georgia Urgent & Primary Care: I have known Tom for more than 30 years and I have had the pleasure to work with him in service organizations and in theater. I trust him with my vote.