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What is Yom Kippur?
The Jewish holiday is Oct. 3, but many still dont know how its celebrated. Here are some quick fac
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Known as the “Day of Atonement,” Yom Kippur is a day when people who subscribe to the Jewish faith atone for sins between themselves and G-d of the past year. Yom Kippur is a complete Sabbath, which means no work can be performed during the holiday. Fasting is a part of Yom Kippur, and Jews are expected to observe a 25-hour fast that begins before sunset on the evening before the holiday and ends after nightfall on Yom Kippur. The Talmud, which is the collection of Jewish laws and traditions, also lists several lesser-known restrictions regarding Yom Kippur. Washing and bathing, the use of cosmetics or deodorants, wearing leather shoes, and sexual relations also are restricted on Yom Kippur. Restrictions may be lifted on Yom Kippur when certain special circumstances arise, and children under the age of nine as well as women who are with child are not permitted to fast on Yom Kippur. Jews spend much of Yom Kippur in the synagogue, where they pray and take part in services that may begin in early morning. Morning services may continue until mid-afternoon, when practitioners can briefly go home before returning in the early evening to partake in ceremonies commemorating the end of Yom Kippur.