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High on the Rock
Psalm 27
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In the first part of Psalm 27, we talked about the one wish David had — to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life. Today, I want to look at what comes next. I want to look at the result of that time in God’s house, that regular and cherished time with our God.

 Right after David said he longed for nothing more than being in God’s house, he says this: "For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle, and set me high upon a rock."

 We’ve seen days of trouble, haven’t we? We’ve had those times when we just wanted to be home again, being taken care of by the ones who love us, instead of out among all those who want to harm us or take advantage of us. So look at what the psalm says. When we are spending time regularly gazing at God’s beauty, he keeps us safe. He hides us from danger. He sets us high up on that rock. Can you see the picture there of those ancient cities, built way up there — on a rock, where no enemy can reach them, no danger can come near? God takes you and puts you up there, safe, high up on a rock.

 And we’ve seen that, haven’t we? When the enemies of life come attacking, when situations get grim, God has put his believers high up there where nothing can touch them. Last year about this time, my wife’s brother was taken away, before anyone had a chance to say goodbye. And I watched as the Lord took my wife, and put her high up on that rock, protected in her faith, safe from the attacks. You’ve probably seen it too when a loved one goes. There God put you — high up on that rock.

 This summer, I saw it, when my friends’ house burned down because of some neighbor kids’ fireworks. Everything gone. But they were strong. Their faith wasn’t hurt. There they were — high up on that rock, where no fire could touch them.

 So, no matter what happens, look to God and he will put you high up on that rock, above it all, protected. He gave his life to build that rock for us, so, as our Psalm ends, "Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." He is here for you, and he will keep you safe, high up on the rock.

In Christ,