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God given gifts
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Expect to see more than just art at the Creative Arts Festival hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Covington.

The free event, which will be open to the public May 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the church’s Fellowship Hall, is more of an appreciation, highlighting all the talents, hobbies and interests of the church members.

Upon entering the hall, attendees will be given handouts explaining who and what they will be seeing at each of the 25 tables. And there will be a lot of different things to see.

Typical art-related tables will be set up, such as authors, amateur photographers, scrapbookers and even a lamp-maker. A Boy Scout troop, a member who’s gone on several mission trips and a genealogist fall into the category of the non-typical tables available.

According to Jean Blair of First Presbyterian, the festival is not a regularly occurring event, and there’s been just one other, about seven or eight years ago.

"Someone in church said, ‘Let me tell about this book I’ve written,’" said Blair, explaining how that opened the door for other members to be involved in sharing their God-given talents.

This event is not a fundraiser and nothing will be for sale. Blair said members are just pleased that they could come and share something.

"We would love for community members to attend because we’re right off the square and … to have others know what we do and who we are," Blair said.

First Presbyterian Church is located at 1169 Clark Street. For more information, call (770) 786-7321.