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Tickle me voters
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Now that the fall elections are over, the time has come to separate real citizens from "tickle me voters." The "tickle me voter" can’t wait for "their" candidate to take office so they can remind them of campaign promises — campaign promises that almost always involve some benefit for that voter or a member of which they are a group. And what of other groups and interests? Have you ever heard the phrase "root hog or die?"

The "tickle me" voters from all sides are going to be pushing to get what they were promised with little or no regard for how that impacts the country.

The NRA opposes a federal ban on carrying concealed weapons. Do you really feel safer in Kroger or on U.S. Highway 278 knowing that others have concealed weapons? What if they are yelling at you in traffic? Same feeling?

The "everybody gets a home" crowd decided that everyone should have a home. Having a home (temporarily) won’t make someone financially stable. People have to earn the right to have a home by being financially stable.

There are a number of "tickle me" voter groups and all of them have the same goal: maximize their benefits from the government at the expense of others and the best interests of the country.

"Tickle me voters" can change into real citizens. Find some part of the "other" side’s agenda that would be good for the country. Surprise "your" candidate by calling them with support on that issue.

Government can change from special interests to everyone’s interest, but only if we do the same.