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The Covington geese
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In Friday’s paper, we ran a story about the "tyrant" geese of Covington; if you missed it, you can read it at

All species of wildlife have a plan in nature that ensures their survival or demise.

We understand that most of us have a soft spot in our hearts for any animal, especially a wild animal that we may interpret is in distress.

However, wildlife experts repeatedly tell us not to feed wild creatures, such as geese and deer, because those wild creatures then become dependent on such human kindness.

At Turner Lake, we have an example of humans interfering with nature. If the geese at the lake were not being fed, they likely would fly away and go where nature has directed their kind to be.

Our suggestion is simple: Stop feeding the geese.

If the feeding continues, we may eventually decide that the geese have to go.

It will be much nicer if they leave on their own.