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Your help matters
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 In Wednesday’s paper we ran a story about the vicious vandalism that is rampant across the land and in our own community. If you missed it, you can read it at

From the dawn of time, people have taken advantage of other people’s hard work. The people who do this are nothing more than the dregs of the earth.

Because of the serious economic downturn we have been experiencing  over the last few  years, these dregs of the earth have been emboldened to steal everything  that is not nailed and, in a lot of instances, objects that are nailed down.

This past week in a busy parking lot in the middle of the day, thieves stole a catalytic converter from an SUV, while the owner was close by working.

Our story told about a community in our county where the dregs were stealing air conditioners.

The fact that these ingrates will surely receive their just rewards in the afterlife really doesn’t help us now. We do not see how our local law enforcement can keep up with this brazen thievery; we all need to be involved.

If you have a business and someone brings  copper or some other material to you  to purchase  or you’re driving home and you see a strange vehicle in your neighborhood, call 911. In this case  it is better to be wrong  than to not get involved at all.

We have a good community but it will take the efforts of all of us to stop this shameless thievery from happening. You can make a difference. You just have to have the pride and courage to want to stop these thefts.

We are more than glad to run the picture of any thief who is caught in our community taking advantage of one of our neighbors. We ask you to be an involved community member.