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Whos in charge?
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Last week, under the direction of President Barack Obama, the government closed down tours of the White House supposedly because of budget cuts brought about by the sequester.

The main problem we can see with that decision, other than being just mean-spirited and another example of the "Chicken Little" mindset of this administration, is that the government people who are needed to monitor the tours, other than the many volunteers who are involved have not been furloughed, which means there has been little or no savings.

This president needs to understand the White House is just his temporary abode. In reality, it belongs to the people of the United States.

As it is now, you can’t just walk up from the street to get a tour; you have to almost sign over your first-born child. Regardless, the tax payers of this great country have a right to tour their house, and the tours should be reinstated as soon as possible.

In another example of government idiocy, the Transportation Security Administration announced certain forms of knives are now allowed on airplanes.

What’s next? Taser guns?

Both of these decisions make you wonder who really is in charge of the hen house in Washington these days.