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What a gift
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Conyers resident Katy Johnson is in the process of donating a kidney to a man she's only recently met but feels like she's known for a lifetime.

In so doing, she downplayed the gift, saying if her friend Vince Lowe had needed her to cut his grass, she would have gladly done that with the same amount of thought as offering him her kidney.

Truly selfless acts are rare in this world, and it's no wonder that this story has spread so rapidly among the pair's friends and acquaintances.

Johnson was overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness she received and even a little upset, because she wasn't making the donation to receive attention. When Vince started telling people he was her angel, she stopped that right in its tracks, saying ‘I'm no angel.'
Well, as much as it peeves you Katy, we think pretty highly of you.

Johnson and Lowe felt an amazing connection even though they're 17 years apart in age and at different stages in their life. Lowe is happily married to his wife, Lori, while Johnson is doing her best to raise her daughter. Yet the two of them found each other at a time when the need was strong.

"If I hadn't moved back to town, if I hadn't been on that charity ride, and met Crystal as my best friend, if all those things don't line up perfectly, this doesn't happen," Johnson said. "You have to believe in something and I believe in this."

When people believe in the good they can do by loving their fellow man, they truly make the world a better and more joyful place. Most of us won't be called upon to donate a kidney, but when we see our opportunity to step in and make a world of difference for somebody we hope we'll have the courage to take it.