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Vampire fun
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"The Vampire Diaries" put a stake into the downtown square late in the week, again transforming Covington into Mystic Falls, Va.

The Hollywood magic was evident everywhere, as the TV crews brought a "Gone with the Wind" theme to the square, replete with extras in hoop skirts and period costumes. A casual stroll along the square led through the al fresco dining area of The Mystic Grill, where the prop menus on the tables were as authentic looking as you'll find at any real restaurant.

What fun!

It's also good business. There were dozens of fans out along the periphery of the action, watching proceedings and checking out some of the stores and attractions, too.
In fact, the filming and a recent convention in Atlanta of "Vampire Diaries" fans brought some 2,544 visitors here in March, according to the chamber of commerce. There were visitors from across Europe, and from Brazil and Panama, too.

That's a lot of Vampire love.