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Together again
Our thoughts
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We said in an editorial Sunday that we have been wondering why we haven’t heard one iota of encouragement from our federally elected officials. Jim Marshall who represents congressional District 8 and John Linder who represents congressional District 7 during our country’s financial difficulties.

We said we thought there might be a good reason why.

In 2006, we were the victims of a statewide gerrymandering action.

Gerrymandering by definition means to divide a city or county by election districts to give one party an electoral majority.

In 2006, the city of Covington and Newton County were split by the Republican majority in an attempt to achieve this control.

As a result, if you live in District 7 you are a small part of a district including the heavily populated eastern suburb of Atlanta, which is located in Gwinnett County. If you live in District 8, then you are a part of district stretching all the way to Colquitt County and including the city of Macon.

Because of this, our federal political clout is at a minimum.

We are going to be unfairly represented until Newton County is put back together again so we can speak to federal officials with one voice. Maybe then we will see and hear more from our duly elected federal officials.