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Thoughts on Ford Hood
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In the United States the rule of law prevails. That means Nidal Malik Hasan will have his day in court. We can only hope that his trial won't become a media circus such as the O.J. Simpson trial of the 1990s.

If convicted, this beast needs swift justice.

The fact that Hasan was allowed to advance to the position of major, despite warning signs of doubt and hate, is a sign of extreme political correctness that now exists in our country.

To that end, our Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is abroad in the United Arab Emirates assuring the Middle East that violence against Muslims in this country would not be tolerated by the Obama administration.

That's all well and good, Madame Secretary, but we suggest that you come home and give soothing speeches to your own countrymen who have been hurt or scared by merciless, suspected jihadists like Hasan - especially on Veterans Day.

Last Thursday when the news of this tragedy broke, our president - who is also commander and chief of our armed forces - chose to go to Camp David for a break rather than fly to Texas to offer comfort and support to the families and friends of the fallen soldiers.

This act alone is a disgraceful example of leadership.

Members of the CIA and FBI, Army Intelligence and other government agencies that knew of the Hasan's increasingly radical leanings also bear some of the responsibility for the loss of 13 lives.

There should be a major investigation into this incident. Those who took no action to ensure that our service men and woman have the utmost respect for this country's ideals should be replaced.