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The least we can do
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Over the past few weeks we have noticed a decrease in donations coming in the Newton County Sheriff's Office for the inVEST fund. The fund for the highest quality bullet-proof vests for our county's heroes has only grown a bit over $5,500 since Christmas.

The Covington News has pledged to run the names of the week's donors, as well as total funds raised that week, every Friday for a year. We would hate to print the total every Friday and not have reached the goal of $113,000 by September, especially since almost 65 percent of the needed monies have been raised already.

This fundraising was organized as a cooperative effort of the NCSO and the parents of Wesley Atha, a deputy who was injured by gunfire in the line of duty last fall. Put yourself in their shoes. You would want your son, husband or brother equipped with top-of-the-line safety gear too.

No donation is too small for this effort. Showing support in any way we can for the men and women who face danger every day to protect us, whether it be $5 or $500, is the least we can do.