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The elusive middleman
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Gas prices are rising at a rapid rate again after taking a dip last fall. It really doesn’t make practical sense why.

We think we know who is to blame. It’s the middleman. It’s a shame. But nobody we know has ever met the middle man.

We are sure you have noticed the cost of groceries is rising at your local supermarket. If you ask the farmer why, he will tell you that he is not making any more profit. If you ask your grocer, he will tell you he is not making any more profit. The same answer comes from the gas station owner and the gas distributor. All of them will swear they make no extra money.

So for sure it has to be the middleman. Just like the famed bogeyman that frightened so many of us in our youth, no one ever really sees or knows the middleman. We don’t know where you can even look for a middleman. All we know is that if we could find one, we could finally pin all the world’s economic ills on him. We could ridicule him and make him promise to not make so much money at our expense. We could ask him to make gas station owner to please share their profits with the poor grocer and the farmer and the distributor, so we could exit our economic straits..

 If you find a middleman let us know. We would be glad to run his picture right here in The Covington News. Good luck.