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Terrible with terror
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By the grace of God, a bomb malfunctioned and 300 human beings were spared on Christmas day.

A Nigerian national tried his best to kill those innocent people on a Delta flight from Amsterdam. According to British authorities, 25 more such operatives lay in wait, desiring to accomplish what this bum failed to do.

After some of the major facts of the incident were released, Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was on the airways telling the American public that her department had done its job - bull and double bull. Later she finally admitted, under pressure, that the department had not handled the situation properly.

Napolitano, the former governor of Arizona who took control of a state that had major surpluses and in her short tenure left it almost bankrupt, left Arizona as one of the most porous borderstates in regards to immigration violations and drug enforcement.

Her track record was known by members of the Obama administration and she was appointed to manage an agency that is responsible for the safety of our countrymen anyway.

She was a weak and inept leader in Arizona; she is an even weaker leader of Homeland Security. Her very presence as its head stands as a prime example of political payoffs by this administration.

If the president feels that the protection of our country is a major priority of his administration, then he will do the right thing and replace her with someone who has a backbone.