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Take cover
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Friday we received a reminder that we are heading into a dangerous period with regards to the weather. We're entering tornados watch time.

Last year we saw the vicious results of what a tornado can do as many areas in Georgia were devastated in a few short minutes. We were fortunate Friday in our area to escape much of the wrath of Mother Nature.

Here are a few tips for you to remember. If you hear the term tornado watch, it means that a tornado is possible. If you hear there is a tornado warning in your area that means that one has been spotted. If you hear that warning, head for shelter immediately. Do not gamble.

If you have a basement, take your family there. If you don't, go to a closet. If all else fails, crouching in a bathtub is a possibility. If you are driving, get out of your car and lie in a ditch if possible. If you are in a school or department store, head for the lowest floor and an interior room. It is best if you crouch with your head covered in a corner.

These are just a few suggestions. It's up to you to prepare your family. We also recommend before you forget, design an emergency plan for you and your family. After your plan is complete, practice it and practice again.

Tornados have no respect for human life. That said you must respect what they can do to you and your family.