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Take a byte out of crime
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Helping thwart crime in our community just got a little easier. In Wednesday’s issue, we reported on the Covington Police Department’s adoption of a new crime-fighting application called TipSubmit Mobile. Thanks to the CPD’s decision, everyone can anonymously turn in criminal behavior.

If you want to become a global crime-fighter, simply go to your smartphone’s marketplace or app store and search for TipSubmit. The app is free to download and you can choose the CPD as the preferred agency to report to. If you see something suspicious, take a picture and send it, or simply send a text. The tips are completely anonymous, but officers will get them in real time and be able to speak with you anonymously though text.

Many folks worry about bothering officers with a tip that might turn out to be false, but officers are always happy to come check things out. Let the professionals decide if there’s anything to the tip. They would rather investigate something that turns out to be nothing rather then have a citizen not call when they see a crime being committed.

No smartphone? You can also submit tips through the CPD crime map. Go to and click on the “Crime Info” button. That will take you to a crime map where you can click on “submit a tip” at the top right. Check today’s story on the crime map to learn more about all you can do with the crime map.

We think this new use of technology is the type of progressive step our community leaders should strive for and we praise the CPD. With your help, we can move one step closer to making Covington crime free.