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Support boys and girls
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These are hard times for local non-profits as they struggle to make up funds cut by groups such as United Way.

The Social Circle-Walton County Boys and Girls Club is one of those non-profits.

Its parent organization has cut expenses to the bone in order for the children served by the club not to be affected.

The Social Circle club, which also serves Newton County, is fortunate to have a dedicated staff and a great set of volunteers.

The annual awards dinner for the club is set for Dec. 3; the money raised by this event will supplement the recent losses. The club has seven more days to sell tickets for the event because they are not allowed to raise money after the United Way kickoff.

If you would like to help keep the club's programs going, you can still purchase a table for $1,000 or you can buy individual tickets for the event for only $40 per person. A delicious meal and entertainment will be provided.

To receive more information or to purchase tickets, e-mail Becky Dally at or contact this paper's general manager at

In spite of the money woes, the Boys and Girls Club does not turn away children who cannot afford the program - in this upside-down economy, that is a wonderful thing.