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The BOE of Newton County soon will have a tough choice to make as they vote to hire a new superintendent to replace Dr. Gary Mathews.

Mathews has done a great job in improving the education process for both the teachers and children of Newton County.

From what we read, the three candidates are well qualified. Each brings something different to the table and Newton County school children would be in capable hands with any of them.

As part of their consideration, we urge again that the school board members keep in mind that we need a superintendent of schools who believes in total transparency and understands that the improvement in the education process is a joint effort of not only the members of the education community but the community as a whole.

We can’t stress enough the importance of educating our children well, and whomever is elected will have tough choices to make to ensure this happens.

Budget efficiency is a concern. We hope to see Newton County schools use the re-elected SPLOST money to the fullest extent and give our community’s youths every advantage possible.

This is certainly a difficult decision, but we feel the board will make the right choice to push our education system forward and keep our county in the top tier of public school systems.