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Some thoughts
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Last week, two young lives were snuffed out on Interstate 20. A 19-year-old and a 7-month-old baby will never know what it’s like to grow old.

Their deaths, authorities said, were caused by a stupid decision to race on a busy interstate, a decision that just as easily could have caused many more deaths among unsuspecting motorists.

We know that there are illegal races on some of the back roads of Newton County; it’s a tradition that has gone on since the invention of the car itself.

If you participate in such activities, we remind you that a car is a machine that cannot always be controlled. If you get your thrills testing the limits of your car, we suggest you get a racing game app and get your thrills instead while playing with your phone or computer.

Don’t let the stupidity of illegal car racing take another life in Newton County.



The city of Covington has made another wise decision that has saved taxpayers $60,000 per year.

The city has begun creating its own fiber optic cable network, which not only will take care of its own needs, but also could be offered to nearby local government entities for a profit.

It’s good to see the city making efforts to keep up with the future.

We salute city officials for their efforts.