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See you at the polls
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Next Tuesday is election time for the cities of Covington, Porterdale and Newborn; we have run individual stories on each candidate as well as a two-part condensed voter's guide. If you missed reading about a candidate in your area please go to
Although this election doesn't have the excitement of last fall's general election, it is equally important.

We are so very fortunate in this great land of ours to have the privilege to vote -- a privilege ensured by the sacrifices of some our finest young men and women.

Please do not take for granted that your candidate is a lock for election or re-election.

We should have learned a valuable lesson in the last election; in this county we elected a phantom of sorts to represent us in the Georgia House. "No show" Toney Collins won an election simply because he had a "D" after his name.

Since he has been in office we doubt that a handful of people have ever seen or met him.

In these tough economic times we need strong political representatives who will look out for our best interests and not their own.

Vote next Tuesday, we all are counting on it.