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The results from the SATs are in.

More students than ever took the tests in Newton County last year, with Newton and Eastside having the largest increase in students sitting the exam.

Unfortunately, those are the only increases we have to report. The scores for the exam are down this year throughout the county in all three categories.

The average reading score in Newton County fell by nine, with the national average falling by three. The score for math fell by 11 in Newton County and by one nation-wide. Writing also fell by 11 points in Newton County and fell by 2 throughout the nation.

We do applaud Dr. Gary Mathews, superintendent of the school system, for not attempting to sugarcoat these numbers or shift the blame on a scapegoat. Knowing that our school staff is working to improve the test scores and prepare our students for the future is encouraging, even if the current numbers are not encouraging.