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Salem Camp Meeting
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As surely as the swallows head back to Capistrano every year, we can be assured that all is well when a smiling former Covington Mayor Sam Ramsey pops into our offices at this time of year. We know that he has come to announce that the Salem Camp Meeting is about to reconvene.

Today marks the opening of the 185th version of the camp meeting, and families from all over the world will be coming back to Covington to eat, socialize and pray together.

If you missed our stories about the lineup of guest ministers and music, go to

This year’s Salem Camp Meeting will run July 12-19, with worship services and other events from morning through evening at the Salem Camp Ground on Salem Road.

If you’re new to our area or have never taken the time to attend, we strongly recommend that you do so.

The camp meetings are guaranteed to make you nostalgic. A good dose of God’s word and the music will have you clapping your hands and tapping your feet with joy.

To all of our visitors, welcome back. Thanks for helping to keep such a great tradition going.