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Saggy pants obsession
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We're amazed the Covington City Council would waste time even discussing a saggy pants ordinance, especially after the city of Porterdale decided it wasn't worth the risk of being taken to court.

We agree with the six council members that sagging pants are disgusting, but there's a chance that any ordinance preventing sagging pants would be a violation of people's First Amendment rights.

Assistant city Attorney Frank Turner clearly spelled out the potential pitfalls of such an ordinance in his memo to the council. Why not let another city deal with a lawsuit? If a judge says that sagging pants can be regulated, then the council, if still moved, can feel secure in passing a local ban.

Even then, we're not sure it's the place of government to regulate the wearing of clothing in that way. We don't condone pants that hang far below the waistline, but we believe the responsibility to monitor such style lies with parents and friends.