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Round and round
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If you like the roundabout on Turner Lake Road, you're going to love what the Georgia Department of Transportation has in store for Newton County: Four more of the traffic-control circles at four major intersections.

Plans are in the works to install roundabouts at Ga. Highway 81 at Salem Road; at Ga. Highway 162 at Ga. Highway 212; at Ga. Highway 11 at Ga. Highway 142; and at Highway 11 at U.S. Highway 278. See our story today on Page 1 for more.

We think it's a great idea: The Turner Lake Road circle has worked well since its opening late last year.

There are some minor issues evident at the roundabouts, such as well-intentioned but wrong-headed drivers who stop in the middle of the roundabout to let another car in, or folks who forget that their vehicles have turn signals.

But you also have drivers doing stupid things at light-controlled intersections, from running a red light to stopping fast and hard as the light turns yellow.

Either way, drivers have mental hiccups and do stupid things. It's just that studies show that the roundabout way of getting there is safer and cheaper.