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Right to privacy
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If you were around during the Vietnam era you will remember the daily depiction of flag-draped coffins returning from that country to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

It became a regular occurrence to see anti-war activists prey on these images, which should have been those of honor, and vilified these brave soldiers who had given their lives serving their country.

Some of these groups used these images to scourge families of these fallen heroes.

The Bush administration, using good common sense and showing the utmost respect for the families of our new round of fallen heroes, banned the media from taking such pictures of flag-draped coffins during this conflict.

The major liberal media outlets have been itching to show these pictures again.

Thursday their wish was granted as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ordered the Bush ban lifted.

Gates rationale was that the families of our fallen patriots deserved to see such pictures of sadness - every morning, noon and night on TV again.

We find it hard to believe that the families, who have lost a son or daughter, take comfort in seeing their child's flag-draped casket blasted all over the airways.

Because of this ruling we have no doubt that there will be some sick individuals or groups that will take advantage of these solemn returns.

Mr. President, Mr. Secretary - shame on you. We're glad for open government, but some things should remain private. Let's all agree to celebrate the life of the soldiers rather than dramatize their deaths.