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Register to vote
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This election year promises to be a very important one for voters to shape the future of our country.

This week Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich made a brief stop in the county as he travels the state rallying support for Super Tuesday‘s presidential primary vote in Georgia.

In addition to deciding on our next president, we have many offices in Newton County up for grabs this year plus, if all goes well, folks in the county will be able to vote for a liquor by the drink ordinance.

If you have not registered to vote, don't wait until you get shut out. You can register at the Board of Elections located at 1113 Usher St., Suite 103 in person or call them at (770) 784-2055. The helpful folks down there will gladly send you a registration form.

You can also register at the local library when you apply for a card, or you can pick up a registration form there.
Residents can register when they get a driver's license or visit any city hall in the county.

One of our most precious rights as a U.S. citizen is the ability to have the freedom to cast a ballot in peace for whoever we wish. By voting, you keep this freedom alive.

Vote for change or keeping things like they are - that's your choice. Whatever you do, please choose to exercise that right.