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Presidential praise
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We certainly have expressed our displeasure at the leadership of President Obama in his first two years of office on how he has dealt with the economy, his health care bill, and how he has dealt with foreign affairs. We might even disagree with him in the future, but right now we are proud of our president: In ordering the action to take out Osama bin Laden, he showed the courage and determination that we would expect from our Commander and Chief.

The action was a culmination of work laid by his immediate predecessor President Bush, but it was Barack Obama who pulled the trigger and accomplished the mission.

We have heard some say that this automatically puts the president into the White House again in 2012.

We doubt that.

But for that brief, shining moment in the midst of our great economic misery, President Barack Obama and our crack military have put us on top of the world and proved that the United States of America is still capable of following up on its promises and that terrorists the world over still need to be wary of the Eagle's talons.

Thank you, Mr. President.