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Prayer needed
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Prayer is not getting man's will done in heaven, but getting God's will done on earth. It is not overcoming God's reluctance but laying hold of God's willingness.
~ Richard C. Trench

On Friday, Jan. 11, you're invited to join our local elected official in attending the annual Legislative Prayer Breakfast, which will be held at 7 a.m. at the Turner Lake Complex.

The special guest speaker for the event is the Honorable Steve Jones, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Georgia. Judge Jones is also the current president of the Georgia Alumni Association.

This event is sponsored by the local Rotary and Kiwanis clubs and is free to the public.

We're in need of strong leadership in this country from the very top to lowest levels of government, and we don't care if those leaders are Republicans or Democrats.
There have been times in our country's history when many have believed that our unique way of life might not survive. However, we have been fortunate that during those times, men of character and vision rose up to lead us out of the morass we were stuck in.

Each one of those men or woman seemed to have a common thread - a strong belief in a power stronger than us all.

These leaders called upon the Lord to help them and our nation; we need to all remember that we too can summon God's protection by our prayers.

If you're unable to join us, we ask that you pray and ask God for enlightened leaders who can help guide our country through this great mess we find ourselves in.
So come out and encourage our local elected leadership with some prayer, fellowship and even some friendly advice, if you feel the urge.

If you are completely satisfied with the direction our country is heading in, then we're happy for you, because clearly you managed to find your way to a fanciful world of make believe.