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Perimeter needs to open up
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When it's your money being spent, you should be able to look at the checkbook.

That's just common sense.

The fine folks at Georgia Perimeter College operate at the courtesy of the taxpayers of the state of Georgia, providing a quality education to our children.

But we're footing the bills for this public institution.
And that's why we're puzzled why the school apparently balked at providing access to public information regarding budget proposals, a violation of the Georgia Open Records Act.

The school newspaper, The Collegian, has filed open records complaints against the school after it failed to comply with multiple requests for records regarding the student activity fee budget, which had already been discussed at a public meeting. Access was also denied to campus budget proposals that also were discussed at a public meeting.

This is unacceptable.

This is not some private business; this is a state school and this is public money. This is our business, and it is our right to know how the school is spending our money. That's what The Collegian is doing, acting for all of us in taking a look at the checkbook.

It's our money. It's our school. It's our business.
We have a right to know, and the school has both a legal and moral obligation to provide The Collegian, and us, with the information.