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Pay adjustment
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We were more than surprised to learn last week that all Newton County School System employees will receive in January what amounts to a one-time bonus of 1 percent of their salaries. The district called it a “pay adjustment.’’

We realize that school employees have not received a raise in a few years. That means they have something in common with most of the residents in the county — the people who pay taxes to support the school system.

We would be more comfortable with this adjustment if it were restricted to folks who get paid on the lower end of the scale, as opposed to being doled out to all school district personnel, including the administrative employees whose salaries are at the top of the district’s pay scale.

It was just recently that there was not enough money in the budget to pay for some necessary materials for our students; we hope that after the bonus is paid from the extra revenue from last year’s budget, that during 2014 we don’t have to read that there is a shortfall on the education budget.

On the other hand, we can at least hope that the money being paid to school employees will be in turn spent in our community.