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Package plan
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Direct democracy is a wonderful thing, but its practice is usually impractical. Instead, we generally rely on our elected officials to conduct our business.

Unfortunately, when it comes to controversial issues, they'd rather evade and obfuscate than take a stand.
Such was the case for many years regarding Sunday package sales of alcoholic beverages in Georgia. The General

Assembly this year came up with a clever way to dodge and weave around the issue, though, by crafting legislation that allows local governments to put the measure before voters in a referendum.

Legislators, and by extension local lawmakers, can say that they don't necessarily support alcohol sales on Sundays, but that they do support letting The People have a say on the issue.

Well, OK, that's fine with us if a politico needs some cover. They're still doing the right thing, giving folks the right to vote on an issue.

Come this fall, Covington voters will be able to decide for themselves whether they want to allow Sunday package sales of alcohol within the city limits. The city council agreed on Monday to put the measure on the ballot.

We applaud them for trusting us, the voters, with the issue.