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Our thoughts...The Good Ship America
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Today's paper includes 44 pages of legal notices; they reflect the smashed dreams of homeowners, business owners, folks who have lost their only means transportation and other struggling individuals and families.

We are approaching the second year of this type of loss in Newton County.

Today, our president is flying around the country racking up fuel bills and expenses on Air Force One that could have been spent helping people save their homes and livelihoods.

It is not acceptable to have our president fly from city to city to push a health care bill that in its current state is rejected by a majority of the American taxpayers.

If he were any kind of leader, he would be spending this wasted energy and tax money creating programs that generate new jobs and, therefore, a renewed confidence in Americans.

Our only hope, President Obama, is that after three more years you will return to Chicago and that we will have new leadership to better steer the great ship of state.

We pray that our great ship does not sink under the weight of ineptitude stowed by the current administration.