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Our thoughts...Stepping on city, county rights
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Last week we stated that we were opposed to the efforts of Rep. Doug Holt to introduce a bill that would allow the state of Georgia to interfere with the decisions of local communities in regards to land issues, specifically Newton County and Social Circle.

The state should not be in the business of annexing or de-annexing land from one municipality in order to give to another municipality, all because of the whims of some elected official.

We were surprised to find that the advocacy group Concerned Citizens of Social Circle would vote to endorse such misguided judgment and abuse of power.

We understand that this group does not want a drag racing facility located in Social Circle; we don't either, at least at the proposed location. However, to endorse Holt's proposal because of a belief that Newton County would not allow this park to be built is a gross misunderstanding of how politics work.

Endorsing Holt's proposed bill is ill advised and selfish as it shows a lack of concern for removing their own community's leaders from the decision making for the place where they live, not to mention every other municipality in the state.

We would hope that the rest of our state political leaders would show more common sense than Rep. Holt is showing and will not support this proposed bill.