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Our thoughts...Protecting our heritage
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 The Newton County Board of Commissioners created a new historic preservation commission last week. We support this decision wholeheartedly.

 Our county is steeped in history. When at times we have nothing else, we still have our history and must preserve it.

 The commission will consist of six members. We hope the people who are appointed have no political agendas and only a strong desire to protect our history, both manmade and natural, from the encroachment of future growth.

 This will be a working commission and will only be open to current Newton County residents.

 The power of appointment to this new commission falls under the responsibility of the chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

 We suggest that outgoing Chairman Aaron Varner appoint three and incoming Chairman Kathy Morgan appoint three members to this new board to ensure there is no political agenda involved in the creation of this commission.