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Our thoughts...Professors support Ayers
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To see which Georgia professors signed the petition supporting Bill Ayers, click here.
If you have ever wondered why after you sent your child off to college with proper and respected viewpoints of life and patriotism, and upon return from their first semester break their viewpoints are completely changed, this might be the reason why.

There is a petition on the Web currently signed by 3,247 college professors, including professors at the University of Georgia, Georgia Southern and Georgia State, who support the character of William Ayers - a professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

The petition accuses the news media of character assignation, dishonesty and promoting McCarthyism in its dealings with Ayers. Remember that Ayers was head of the Weather Underground movement, a terrorist group that among other activities bombed the Capitol, tried to assassinate judges and in general placed a fear in the hearts of most Americans who were alive during the '60s.

This is the same William Ayers, who except for a technicality, should still be in prison for his former terrorist activities, is still non-repentant of his anarchist beliefs and has basically said that we, the American people, deserved the events of 9/11.

Professors that have signed this petition should thank their God every day that they have the freedoms to openly support a character like William Ayers.

If you would like to see who signed this petition click on this editorial on